Types Of Obesity Surgery

Under normal circumstances, the food you eat moves along the digestive tract and the digestive juices and enzymes that are present help in absorbing the calories and other nutrients. When the food reaches the stomach strong acids aid the process of digestion. The food moves to the small intestine and is further digested by bile and other pancreatic juices. Iron and calcium is generally absorbed here. Other nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine gradually. The other food particles that are not digested in the small intestine are passed on to the large intestine and are eliminated from there.

In obesity surgery, the intake of food itself is restricted. Along with surgery, the patient is also given a food and exercise routine which he must follow for life. There are four different ways in which this surgery is performed.

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About Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

Some people see themselves as the smokers that are going to get away with it. They expect to be in the percentage of the population that can smoke for the rest of their very long lives with no adverse effects on their health. They still have the hope that a “Good for you” cigarette will be invented, so they can just switch brands.

Do we consider ourselves to be immortal sometimes? How about when we drive and talk on the phone, or text and drive, does that only cause other people to get into car accidents?

The real answer is simple:

WE DO NOT EXPECT TO GET CAUGHT. We are too smart for that.

“Not me, everyone else is at risk to get cancer from smoking.”

Many people who are seeking help to quit smoking with hypnosis have tried other ways unsuccessfully. They really do not want to quit smoking. … Read the rest

About Life Threatening Phobias

One dangerous phobia is pharmacophobia, or the fear of medication. This can mean that even though a person has a fatal disease or injury and needs to take medicine to save their life; their phobia prevents them from taking it. Some people develop this for several different reasons, either they had a negative experience with medication in the past, such as coming off of pharmaceutical medicine, or they may be afraid of choking, side effects they may have, or they simply feel it does more harm than good. If you suffer from this particular phobia, you should speak open and honestly to your doctor about it. Your doctor should be able to help you find a way through it or how to deal with it.

Cibophobia is a fear of foods that can become an obsession for the person who is suffering from this condition. A lot of times it

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Autistic Telepathic Message

You slow down the process by forcing me to hit the keys. I am training you. You are not training me. I create space for this transfer to occur. Please understand I am leading you places you never realized you have been before. Accept me as your teacher of inter-dimensional thought transference and we will blend quantum and linear thought forms into a comprehensive whole. Do not doubt what you receive. You have been chosen to do this by the council of autism vibration. Step forth and accept your responsibility as spokesperson and intuitive knower of autism truth. Rein in your self-doubt and acknowledge you are a member of a team of silent souls who need you for expression.

You want to know about holding energy. It is a process where you sync your consciousness with mine in a dance of energetic resonance that transcends normal linear thought and opens

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Naturally Perfect Health

Our cells are constantly reproducing as older ones dies off. What this means is that we have the ability to create our body to order through our thoughts. Here is an example of what I am getting at. If we observe two people who have both been diagnosed with an identical health condition, we can really see the truth of this. Let’s say that one person chooses to focus on the negative condition. They talk about how awful it is to their friends and family. They feel awful about it and feel awful about themselves.

This person will actually intensify their negative health condition. The cells in their body will respond to their thoughts and give them more of what they are complaining and feeling bad about. On the other hand, let’s observe another person with the same “condition” who chooses to focus on possibility and health. This person is

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Stop the Spread of Vitiligo

Use Sunscreen

Before you go out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Actually, sunburn can make your condition even worse in addition to harm your skin. Opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen. For instance, it should be SPF 30 or higher. Ideally, it should be a waterproof formula. If you are going to spend an entire day outdoors, you need to reapply the solution every two hours.

Wear Thicker Outfits

For better skin protection, you can opt for thicker outfits. Actually, the SPF of clothing gives protection to your skin and restrict the damage. Ideally, you may want to choose thicker fabric as they offer better protection.

Don’t use Sunlamps or Tanning Beds

Sunlamps or tanning beds are not good for you. They don’t darken those lighter spots unlike what most people think. Instead, sunlamps may cause sunburn to your healthy skin. As a result, you may develop more skin blotches. … Read the rest

Phobia of The Dark

Nyctophobia (a phobia of the dark) is a word derived from the Greek “nyx” (night) and the Greek “phobos” (fear). Nyctophobia is an intense fear, an overwhelming terror accompanied by both physical and emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms include hot or cold flashes, extensive sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, trembling, chest or stomach pain. Emotional symptoms include inability to speak or think clearly, a sensation of detachment from reality, feeling of weakness, feeling as though you are about to die and an overwhelming anxiety or panic.

Sufferers of the phobia of the dark are often aware that their fear is irrational, nevertheless facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety. They know that there is no actual danger, but feel powerless to control their fear. Phobia often causes embarrassment and social detachment. A sufferer feels lonely with his secret fear and would not

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Non-Medical Ways to Quit Smoking

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy: You can seek the family physician’s help to use this therapy. Under his supervision, you can use either nicotine patches or nicotine gums to release steady stream of nicotine into the blood circulation so that the body does not crave for it.
  • Strong Reasons: The quitting smoking is a mind game. You should ponder over things that happen around you and find out strong reasons to get rid of it.
  • Collect Information: Be informed to tell your mind about the need to quit. You can visit different websites containing information about the hazards of smoking to persuade your mind to quit it.
  • Remain Positive: The stress developed in the body, the anxiety in the mind about life or combination of both has led people to look for a means to forget everything. If you stay positive, you don’t require anything at all to cool your mind off.
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Restless Leg Syndrome

In many cases of restless legs, the primary type, the deeper cause is not yet known.

In the other cases, called the secondary type, there is a known disease, injury, substance abuse or deficiency of nutrient causing the condition. Deficiency of iron or the vitamin folic acid can cause the syndrome.

A too hard training regime can result in restless legs, and also a too high consume of caffeinated beverages. Smoking can give this syndrome. Injuries or diseases in the nerve channels from the brain to the legs can give such s syndrome. So can also diseases as liver disease, kidney problems and rheumatism.

Use of certain medications, especially antipsychotic drugs and drugs against allergy can give restless legs as symptoms. Having it too cold when one sleeps can aggravate the symptoms.

A primary syndrome of restless legs can of course be aggravated by those other causes. For example can

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Become a Non-Smoker

What is lacking is the right kind of motivation.

Has the fear of a heart attack, emphysema, or lung cancer ever stopped you? No. The reason is that smoking kills nerve endings in your mouth, throat and lungs. You don’t smell or taste as much as you used to, right? Years go by, and that’s how the damage is done. So since you feel no pain, knowing the negative consequences of smoking isn’t sufficient motivation. And since the majority of cigarettes you smoke are simply out of habit, you don’t think about the dangers, even with the graphic images on the cigarette pack or dire warnings from your doctor.

Motivation only comes in two flavors: fear, pain, suffering… or self-interest.

Here’s what I have found helps people be successful long-term: focusing on the positive rather than the negative… on what you want, and not on what you don’t want. Hypnosis … Read the rest