Understanding Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours

What are BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours)?

BFRB are a cluster of repetitive self-grooming behaviours that cause damage to the body.  These include four main conditions, hairpulling, skin picking, nail biting and jaw and teeth grinding. They can also include biting the inside of the mouth, inner lip or tongue, foot tapping and finger or knuckle cracking and nose picking.

Whilst a lot of people bite their nails, pick their skin or nose and crack their knuckles on occasion, this doesn’t generally cause them any physical harm, and is a habit they often grow out of.  This should not be confused with BFRB which can result in the sufferer not only causing themselves injury or infection but can affect their mental health and have a negative impact on their lives.

It’s believed that the condition affects between three and twelve per cent of the population, affecting both children and

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