About Voice and Body

When we are stressed or experience negative emotions, our body becomes tensed up, creating tension in our body, which prevents the free flow of our voice. Few of my clients realized how they place their body day in and day out, as well as how much tension they have stored in their body. The voice from a tensed and closed body not only reflects your internal imbalance, but affects those who listen to you physically and mentally. Have you been annoyed and felt unease by a sharp and shrill voice? Before you could work on your voice, you must work on opening up your body, releasing the tension and preparing the body for a better voice projection.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you stand tall or tend to slouch? Do you tend to hold your shoulders? (If you don’t even have any idea, lift up your shoulder and drop them.) Take a deep breath, where is your movement? (If the movement is in your shoulders and chest, it’s wrong.)

Learning starts from awareness. Start to pay attention to how you stand and sit, how you usually place your body. Adjust your postures and stretch yourself more often to prepare for an open and free voice.