ADHD Health Check

If the condition is diagnosed, there are treatments available that will permit a child, teenager, or an adult to live a highly positive and productive life. Unfortunately, if treatment is not sought after an ADHD health check confirms the presence of the condition, life and the tasks associated with life may prove to be highly challenging.

The National Institute of Mental Health states that there are three individual subtypes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These are identified as the following:

  • “Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive”
  • “Predominantly Inattentive”
  • “Combined Hyperactive-Impulsive and Inattentive”

Once you or the person that you know is diagnosed after having an ADHD health check, the medical professional will make an assessment of the symptoms that are being experienced on a regular basis.

The professional will then closely evaluate the symptoms in order to determine which ADHD subtype is being experienced. Once this is established, the medical professional will be able to determine which treatment is most appropriate for that subtype and the unique experience that you or the person that you know is having.

The symptoms of ADHD are very troublesome and may lead to personal complication, issues at school, problems at work, challenges in relationships and other social challenges. It is important to get an ADHD health check so that the symptoms may be treated.

If the symptoms are left untreated, they may wreck havoc in every area of life. If you suspect that you, or someone you know, suffer from the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder it is important to make an appointment for an ADHD health check.