Benefits of Cranial Osteopathy for a Child

You will notice that as time passes a baby’s head usually takes on a more expected shape but this does not necessarily mean the bones have taken to their expected location. A skull which doesn’t reach its optimum shape can prove restrictive to a child’s brain. The effect of this is obvious; discomfort from the pressure. There are many baby behaviours that can be caused by this discomfort; behaviours which can be upsetting for both child and parents or guardians.

  • Crying if a baby is not carried all the time or constantly comforted
  • Problems with a baby feeding
  • Colic
  • Problems with a baby sleeping

As a child grows from being a baby to a toddler the problems caused by the pressure can increase and diversify. These problems can have a detrimental effect on a child’s development.

  • Interaction and play. The discomfort can affect a child’s attention span causing difficulties in concentrating on games with other children.
  • The ‘terrible twos’ plus some. A child’s behaviour during the ‘terrible twos’ period can be even more problematic, and the period itself may be longer. A child pulling its hair or banging its head might be frustrated with the discomfort and not just displaying temper.
  • The pain of teething can be intensified by further changes to already stressed bones.

From toddlerhood to childhood the effects of a child’s discomfort continue.

  • There may be a continuation of volatile and unpredictable behaviour
  • The child’s posture may affected and they may experience pain from this
  • A child may be clumsy and tire easily
  • A child may be behind in their studies and be diagnosed with learning difficulties.

In cranial osteopathy gentle manipulation is used to help relieve pressure. It has a positive effect on the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Children react in different ways immediately following treatment, most often they sleep due to the relaxation, but there is often a burst of energy, or occasionally an unsettled phase which generally does not last.

It should be noted that childhood behaviours and illnesses have many attributable causes and medical advice is always an essential part of a child’s well-being but cranial osteopathy is a very useful non-invasive, holistic remedy to a lot of issues that can make childhood difficult for the child and for the parents or guardians.