Car Accident Treatment

It turns how that she was involved in a pretty severe roll over accident where the car rolled 4-5 times. She was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where they discovered on a CAT scan that she may have a neck fracture. When I learned this information, I asked my new patient whether or not the other chiropractor had obtained the medical records from the emergency room – especially the CAT scans. She replied that he said he hadn’t received them yet.

I was very concerned that perhaps the reason she wasn’t getting better with chiropractic adjustments is because there might be something on the CAT scan which shows a serious injury.

Well, today, just 1 day after having this new patient, I have received the CT scan results. The radiologist indicates there is possibly a fracture. And to think she has been undergoing spinal manipulation and other therapy for her car accident!

I get asked all the time whether or not spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustments are safe following a car accident. The answer is a resounding yes! So long as the chiropractor performs a complete and thorough evaluation and obtains all diagnostic testing previously performed as was not done in this case.

My primary job as a doctor who takes care of people who are injured in car accidents is to first and foremost arrive at an accurate diagnosis. With that diagnosis I can put together a treatment plan which will be both effective and cost-effective. Without all of the information including diagnostic testing, it is almost impossible.

My patient will be sent for an immediate MRI followed by a neurosurgical consultation to get a clearance to ensure that treatment conservatively in this patient is safe and will be effective. Sure, it will take several days to get that done and a short delay in her treatment program, however how much better is it to be safe than sorry?

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