Stopping Panic Attacks

One way to stop panic attacks would be to learn a few different breathing techniques. When you are able to implement these in your life you will be able to decrease the amount of stress you are feeling. It will be possible to relax your body so that you may be able to stop a panic attack before it ever begins, or at least keep it from getting any worse. Those individuals that have learned different breathing techniques, and started implementing them on a daily basis, have found it to be very helpful. Those that have ever suffered from a panic attack while driving can tell you that this may very well be one of the most frightening things they have ever experienced. It goes without saying that effective breathing techniques can really help someone that is in this type of a situation.

What about being mindful of the day?

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How To Overcome Stuttering

Overcoming Stuttering Is About “Fixing” It

A lot of marketing I’ve seen in our community is based on this promise, so you need to be extra careful with this. Most organizations/individuals communicate the idea of “Come along and we teach you a stuttering technique which you can fix your stuttering with”.

No, no, no. Never ever fall into this trap. It’s the worst mindset you can have if you want to overcome stuttering.

Overcoming stuttering is NOT about fixing it, it is about DISSOLVING it.

Learning Some Physical Stuttering Techniques Is Enough To Overcome Stuttering

This may be true in some very rare cases, but in general any PWS(person who stutters) need a holistic, multi-approach strategy to deal with and overcome stuttering.

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Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids

Use them properly

Just like any other device, how you use the them greatly affects how long they last. The first step to ensuring that it lasts for a long time is ensuring that they are professionally installed. This calls for you to work with a certified and experienced audiologist who will diagnose your condition and help you in installing the right one. The doctor will also give you tips on how to wear the them so that they don’t develop any problem. In case of discomfort, chances are that you aren’t using the aids the way that you should. If you are having trouble with your hearing aid, contact a professional to take a look at them.


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Shake Off Dandruff

  • Don’t ignore it. Whatever you do, don’t ignore a bad case of dandruff, or fall into a scratch-and-itch cycle. Dandruff won’t go away by itself, and ignoring it invites a build-up of scaling. That can cause itching, which can lead to scratching. Vigorous scratching can wound the scalp and leave it open to infection.
  • Shampoo often. Wash your hair often, even everyday. Generally, the more frequently you shampoo, the easier it is to control dandruff.
  • Start mild. Often a mild, non-medicated shampoo is enough to control the problem. Dandruff is frequently caused by an overly oily scalp. Shampooing daily with a mild brand can control the oil without aggravating your scalp.
  • If you need to fight, then switch. If regular shampoos aren’t doing the job, switch to an anti-dandruff formula. Dandruff shampoos are classified by their active ingredients, which work in different ways. Those with selenium sulphide or zinc pyrithione
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Prevent Hearing Loss in Children

Parents should be aware of the fact that hearing loss in children can be prevented and they can save their children by following certain guidelines.

  • Avoid or limit the exposure of your child to loud music.
  • Make your child wear ear plugs when exposed to loud noises. Even the noise created by vacuum cleaners is found to be dangerous for ears.
  • If your child is very small take proper care that you use hearing protection devices for your child when you expect more than normal noise.

There is medical help available and if a hearing problem is detected at an early stage, it can be treated and cured as well. If you find any kind of hearing problem in your child, you must consult the concerned doctors and get help as soon as possible. Sometimes a speech therapist can turn out quite helpful and your child will be normal in … Read the rest

Get Rid of Fear of Doctors

Add in that senior doctors are even scarier – often talking in cryptic short sentences or just looking at a chart and nodding – and that means a fear of doctors is perfectly natural.

So how can you get rid of your fear of doctors or at least reduce it to the point where you can visit them without breaking out into a cold sweat and pushing your blood pressure up?

Start by realising that they are specialists.

In the same way as you wouldn’t work on a modern car yourself – you’d take it to a mechanic who specialised in your make and had all the right equipment to do a good job – you use a doctor for the same reasons.

Sure you can visit a site like WebMD to get an idea of what’s wrong with you. But that won’t give you the personal experience of an

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Refresh Speech After Dentures

  • Time: First, you need time to adjust from your teeth extraction for your swelling to lessen, your gums to recede, and your pain to reduce from the ongoing adjustments of fitting your dentures satisfactorily. Always check with your dentist or health professional for support until you are satisfied.
  • Patience: Your mouth muscles help you to chew and to speak, so your second shock comes when you realize how difficult it is to chew. Your jaw, tongue, lips, and teeth need to be in sync around your dentures in order to figure this process out. It takes patience with how to chew and swallow without gagging. Eating soft foods or liquid soups and drinks will gradually get you into chewing bread and more solid food.
  • Exercises: Speech exercises targeted to retrain where your tongue and other speech muscles should go are the same as if you had to retrain
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Elbow Tendonitis

  • Inflammation scam: INFLAMMATION is never the cause of the pain unless it is truly a sprain. Again, ice, NSAIDs, and Corticosteroids can do more harm than good. Unless edema (fluid) or visible swelling is apparent, this is usually a wrong prescription. Inflammation necessary to heal it can trap blood flow.

On the other hand,Inflammatory Chemicals released by your body due to dying cells attract the fluid that causes swelling. For this reason, using cold therapy to control and keep both inflammations and swelling in check is a crucial part of the healing process, especially at the early stages.

In chronic cases, NSAIDs and Corticosteroids are only counter-productive because they do not get to the source of the problem, and they have a host of nasty long term side effects.

  • Rest: Although the lack of rests or enough breaks probably caused the area to have tendonitis, too much rest causes necrosis
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Helping Children To Speak Clearly

  • Think about how you speak to your child. Speak slowly and clearly, and repeat phrases a number of times. This is especially important if your child is having difficulty making accurate sounds or words – keep your sentences and phrases short and simple.
  • Exaggerate the tune (intonation) in your voice, all the ups and downs in pitch that we use in normal speech. Exaggerate the important words and the stronger syllables in words.
  • When your child makes an error, firstly acknowledge what she is trying to say (her message) and then repeat it, modelling the word or phrase correctly. Occasionally you can ask her to have a go at saying it correctly, if this is achievable. However, you need to choose your times, and avoid constant ‘correction’.
  • When you know that your child can say a word correctly, you can pick her up on it when she says it incorrectly.
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Preventing a Stroke Attack

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables because in these, lies the water of life, these can also serve as anti-oxidants which can help to mop up free radicals in the body, which have been indicated for increasing the rate of aging in humans and also in the development of various ailments including stroke. Drink plenty of water because as a universal solvent, it aides in digestion of food substances. Water is also a free give to all, no wonder the saying that, ‘he who gives water gives life’. It is recommended that people should take at least 3 litres of water per day for optimum performance of the body and for ease in the digestion of the food they consume. Avoid eating too much of process food and junks. Olive oil have been shown to have low cholesterol and so if it can afforded, it should be used in the

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