Cure For Stuttering

Fluency Shaping as a cure for stuttering involves the implementation of strict therapy procedures for the patient. It follows a structured plan that will help the patient eliminate the stuttering completely. Fluency Shaping is based on the clinical belief that stuttering occurred because the speech systems are not anymore working properly. This means that the respiratory, speech and articulatory systems are not able to function in coordination with each other.

This leads to disfluencies experienced during speech. Fluency Shaping as a cure for stuttering targets these factors that involve all the speech systems, helping the patient eliminate the disfluencies with the incorporation and application of techniques.

This type of treatment plan as a cure for stuttering is composed of 3 phases that are followed strictly. Patients undergoing this type of treatment plan cannot proceed to the next phase without successfully mastering the preceding phase. The first phase, Establishment, consists of engaging the patient in a fluent conversation and monologue respectively. This targets the disfluencies and physical movements exhibited by the stutterer. In this phase, the clinician will teach the patient techniques to help him/her ease out of the stuttering moments more comfortably.

When the stutterer is able to fluently engage in a conversation and a monologue, only then will he/she is able to proceed to the next phase. Transfer, the second phase as a cure for stuttering, involves testing the learned fluency techniques of the patient in different settings. These will first be tested in the clinical setting, then at home and in school, one setting after the other. And the last phase, Maintenance, is composed of periods of re-check for relapses and if the fluency techniques as cure for stuttering are applied well.

Fluency Shaping as a cure for stuttering involves transforming the patient’s improper speech into a controlled type of fluent speech. It trains the stutterer to monitor his/her speech carefully, avoiding the occurrence of disfluencies as much as possible. It targets all the components of his/her speech, but does not give attention to the client’s negative feelings towards the stuttering.

It revolves around the concept that when these disfluencies are eliminated, the negative feelings will be eliminated as well. Different types of cure for stuttering are recommended to different people, depending on the severity. Fluency Shaping will be very effective in producing a smooth forward flow of speech. This will improve the communication skills of stutterers and will allow them to convey their ideas more effectively as possible.