Ear Muff to Protect Hearing

Each day, there is a high chance for us to be exposed to different types of noise. We may pass by a construction site or any place where we can hear the sounds of drilling machines, grinders, etc. It may not happen everyday but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take it seriously. The need for ear protection is not limited to workers operating noise-producing machines. We need it as well. And hey, the exposure to noise may even begin at home. The sounds of vacuum cleaner and dishwasher – oh, they can contribute a lot in harming our ears, too! So, yes, we all need some protection.

Not convinced yet? Well, reading the facts below should change your mind.

  • Only a maximum of 75 decibels of noise can be accepted by the human ear.

You love to listen to amplified music, right? Don’t you know that it produces sounds of 110 decibels? So, yes, you and your housemates really need to protect your ears. But it would be better if you just lower the volume, right?

  • Even a 10-minute exposure to extreme noise can contribute to hearing loss.

How long do you listen to amplified music? More than 10 minutes, I presume. How long do you get exposed to industrial noise? You wouldn’t know, because it depends on the places you go. You may control the volume of your music, but you can’t do that to industrial noise. Hence, bringing and using an ear muff is really beneficial to you.

  • Hearing loss is irreversible.

Yes, it is. You wouldn’t want to suffer from it, would you? Of course, you may wear some hearing aids, but, would you be happy about the fact that you’ll need to wear them for good? Probably not.