Secrets to Fat Loss

When I say healthy diet, I do not mean NO diet. Extreme low calorie diets (a.k.a. starvation) will lead to temporary, short-term fat loss followed by a regaining of most of the weight, if not MORE. One surefire way to get a slow metabolism is to stop eating or eating very low amounts of calories on a daily basis. This attempt to create a calorie deficit will work initially, but eventually, your body will enter into starvation mode. Your body will recognize that it is in a state of very low calorie intake and will start to actually store MORE fat from less food. Your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy. The reason for this is because your body thinks it is in danger of not having enough nutrients, so it stores excess fat thinking it won’t be fed again for a while. In addition to this, your hormones … Read the rest

Cervical Traction

Traction may broadly be seen as application of continuous force to stretch the spine. It is also very often used and is highly effective for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, i.e. injuries that are not externally visible, but involve muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, nerves, bones or the supporting structures. For muscular disorders, including muscle spasms, dislocation or for fracture, traction therapy can be very useful, and is often applied for arms, legs, back or neck.

In particular, traction therapy can be greatly effective for neck related problems. While neck traction is very often applied to ensure pain relief, there are various mechanisms by which it heals the neck.

  • When traction is applied on the neck, soft tissues and joints are mobilized in the cervical spine.
  • Alternately, it relieves pressure from the pinched nerve root by applying decompressive forces,
  • And also reduces herniations on the spine.
  • By applying traction, one can align
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Tips Help You Cope With Eczema

People that suffer from eczema are susceptible to skin infections. The skin becomes irritated, sometimes surface cracks and gaps are formed allowing germs and bacteria to invade the skin and cause an infection. To decrease this risk, try using a mild, non-drying cleanser on your skin and gently apply the cleanser with your fingertips and rinse it off with warm water.

Get your skin damp before applying your moisturizer. This helps the moisturizer to seal into your skin and soften it. Following your shower or bath, just pat your skin with a towel. This will remove a lot of the wetness but still leave the skin damp and ready for moisturizing. An effective method to help reduce flare-ups is to apply a moisturizing lotion that works best with your skin type and condition. You may have to reapply the moisturizer a few times each day for maximum relief.

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Solution to Obesity

It’s as simple as that, so why are more and more people in the developed world becoming obese, with the associated problems with self esteem, mental health, heart disease and diabetes that accompany excess weight. Not to mention increased risk of certain cancers.

The sad truth is that too many large, powerful companies base their businesses on encouraging us to eat the foods they produce. The simple business model for any company is that they need to get more and more people to buy their products, so if these companies are to continue to grow and pay their shareholders a healthy dividend, they must sell us more of the foods that will eventually kill us.

There is substantial scientific evidence that processed food is addictive. Once you are conditioned to eating food high in fat, sugar and salt, it is very hard to stop. As with any addiction, you have … Read the rest

About Exam Phobia

Your mind becomes blank, you can`t gather your thoughts, you experience nausea, your legs are shaking, and all you want to do is run away? Or maybe you felt so terrified before an exam that you couldn’t study properly or revise?

If you answered `Yes` to one or more of the above questions you might be suffering from exam phobia, defined as irrational, overwhelming, excessive and uncontrollable fear or dislike of exams.

Everyone get nervous before or during exams. While experiencing fear can be a positive thing as it can motivate you to harder work, phobia on the other hand is an amplified terror that has a negative impact on your life. Phobia makes your life very difficult as you do everything to avoid or if it`s not possible `survive with tremendous pain` the feared situation. In this state you can’t access your full potential and achieve the results you … Read the rest

Positive Side of Fear and Phobias

When you are afraid that something bad may happen to you, you are very careful. When you are indifferent to dangerous situations and you are not alarmed by any fear even though you are in danger, you don’t pay attention to what you are doing. You may fall into a trap only because of your negligence.

Most people try to eliminate their fears, believing that they are unjustified and that their fears have only a negative meaning. However, the main function of every fear is protective. When you are afraid you don’t make the mistakes you usually do when you are relaxed and distracted.

All heroes always are afraid of the dangerous situations they have to face. Nobody passes through dangerous experiences without feeling how dangerous they really are thanks to their fears.

When you are afraid, you understand that you have to be serious. You understand that you are

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About Voice and Body

When we are stressed or experience negative emotions, our body becomes tensed up, creating tension in our body, which prevents the free flow of our voice. Few of my clients realized how they place their body day in and day out, as well as how much tension they have stored in their body. The voice from a tensed and closed body not only reflects your internal imbalance, but affects those who listen to you physically and mentally. Have you been annoyed and felt unease by a sharp and shrill voice? Before you could work on your voice, you must work on opening up your body, releasing the tension and preparing the body for a better voice projection.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, do you stand tall or tend to slouch? Do you tend to hold your shoulders? (If you don’t even have any idea, lift up your

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

During sleep, the muscles of the pharynx (part of the throat that sits behind the mouth and nasal cavity) overly relax and obstruct the airway, which is what causes the Sleep Apnea episodes. Such episodes can occur several times within an hour of sleep and any more than 10-15 episodes of Sleep Apnea within an hour is Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. This syndrome divides the night’s sleep into hundreds of small fragmented mini sleeps, resulting in the person feeling exhausted as body’s systems have not had enough time to rejuvenate over night. The oxygen deficiency also affects a person’s metabolism, which is why an Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferer wakes up tired, irritable and usually has a headache.

According to the American National Sleep Foundation, Obstructive Sleep Apnea syndrome costs the United States more than $100 billion annually. This is a very common problem, however it is not highly publicized, therefore

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Effect of Loud Music on the Ears

The worst thing is tinnitus that generates constant ringing or noise in the nerves that is not related to anything in the environment. It is a malfunction of the hearing mechanism and the main cause is loud noise.

This can be from chain saws; music; drills; machinery; rock concerts; and so on. A friend of mine acquired it from being in the army and the guns he had to use. It is doubtful whether soldiers would be compensated for this condition when it occurs after they leave the service.

People who work with loud noise are risking their hearing and many do not know it. While it is common to have it playing in shops the assistants are unaware of the risk they are taking. Likewise, customers who have to put up with it while shopping are also in danger.

This is a general health hazard and one that governments

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There are two main types of hypertension, primary and secondary. Primary hypertension arises on its own and typically has no one discernible cause. It can develop gradually over a period of years. On the other hand, secondary hypertension is usually a symptom of another problem, such as kidney issues or heart defects. It can also be a result of some contraceptives, such as oral birth control pills. Because this is a sign of another problem, it tends to arrive more suddenly than primary hypertension.

Primary hypertension is very difficult to diagnose because it hardly ever causes you to show any symptoms. Some people suffer from nose bleeds, headaches, and dizziness, but this is typically not until it is more advanced. At the doctor’s office, you probably get your blood pressure taken regularly, but a high reading may be attributed to nervousness rather than actual hypertension.

If you are diagnosed with

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