Tips to Face Fear of Commitment

Let’s start with relationships. Whether it is a friendship, partnership, marriage, etc. it is natural for us as humans to build commitments like these in everyday life. For those who find this difficult to achieve, or that this brings them great anxiety, are probably very frustrated in that something so simple as meeting someone new, or taking a relationship to the next level presents itself as such a task. The way to overcome this fear is to start slow, put one foot in front of the other and take it day by day. When you meet someone new, don’t get caught up in the future, focus on the now, and the future will automatically come. Don’t look at relationships as a commitment, but rather just another simple relationship. Simple being the keyword. Allowing yourself to get anxiety ridden by titles will just cause set backs. Put yourself out there, a few people at a time and take it day by day.

Looking at situations a little more less common, but probably more troublesome than fear of personal commitments are those that deal with everyday routine life. Sort of like obsessive-compulsive disorder, fear everyday commitments can not only bring about anxiety, but can also prevent you from getting things done. Using school as an example, I know too many people in college that are afraid to settle down with one degree program and end up staying in school trying everything out. It’s not bad to experiment, but college is an expensive experiment. The easiest way to get out of this type of commitment fear is to turn off your brain and quit putting in the painstakingly amount of thought into these types of things. Break it down into what you want to accomplish, and if that is too broad of a picture, try and just go with something that you are interested in. Whether it’s sticking with a major, or even a project at work, going with something you are interested in will make everything come to fruition.