Ways to Overcome Barriers to Health

  • Participate in Regular Exercise
    Insufficient levels of exercise participation contribute to the high risk of developing chronic disease. It is generally recommended that people obtain 150 minutes of exercise per week, sustained over a period of 5 sessions. Gentle walking, broken up over the course of a day, to keep the heart rate level low, while you are beginning an exercise program is recommended. Talk to your doctor and gain medical clearance prior to embarking on any type of exercise program. Exercise will improve your mood, reduce your risk for chronic disease and increase your overall levels of health and wellbeing.
  • Increase Your Micronutrient Intake
    People on low incomes generally intake sufficient amounts of macronutrients which includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They do not however eat the necessary or recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables. Over 90 per cent of people in a statistical health analysis of risk factors for disease did not consume the 2 fruit and 5 vegetables required to maintain general health and wellbeing. Access to fruit and vegetables to some people may be perceived as expensive, however when shopping, a person should purchase in-season food, and or consume frozen or canned varieties as an option, which may be less expensive.