Stop Mumbling

Think before you open your mouth

One of the reasons we mutter our words is that we haven’t really thought about what we’re going to say. Then, when we open our mouth to speak, we try to hide that fact by turning down our internal volume control. Which results in the words coming out indistincive, weak and blurry.

Pausing, even for a millisecond or two, and engaging your brain before you open your mouth is a good way to help overcome this issue. The brief pause allows you to collect your thoughts and even if they’re not perfectly organized they will at least be more coherent than they would have been otherwise.

Stand confidently

Standing – rather than sitting – helps your confidence and this will come through in your voice. If you’re on the phone, clench one or both of your fists as this will make you sound more … Read the rest

Prevent Problems of Ears

Summer is a time when earaches are common in many people. It is an annoying sensation that in numerous occasions contains other major problems behind which we must remedy. But they are not something that can be remedied, and for that reason it will simply be enough to follow a series of tips. The heat, the baths on the beach and in the pool, the pressure changes for travel… are some of the factors that trigger in us an earache. The symptoms of this malaise are usually pricks, infection, headache, pus, redness and even hearing loss.

This problem has many degrees, and there are cases of mild ear infections and others much more serious that can lead to something worse. Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent them from occurring. The reasons that cause an ear infection can be diverse. One of the most common is the accumulation

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Art of Speaking

I was scared of your power to make me feel different, to leave me exposed.

You forced me to hide, to wear a bold mask. Feeling embarrassed, and full of self hate.

I had to pretend, and play the class clown. To try to belong, and prove my own worth.

But you also gave shelter, permission to fail. A life of excuses, allowed to play safe.

I felt like a fake, and the anger burnt slow. To feel so frustrated, to hate you so much.


And then a chance came, to turn things around. To stop feeling helpless, to build on new hope.

I discovered your secret, that fear could feel good. To live a full life, to feel so alive.

I feel so empowered, your hold now released.

I have discovered my freedom, and feel proud when I say,

My life is now mine.… Read the rest

About Types Dental Crowns

There are four types of dental crowns. They include:

  • Ceramic crown -The ceramics are perfect for restoring missing or damaged front teeth. They are a perfect choice since they can easily blend with the natural tooth color. The particular crown is made from porcelain.
  • Porcelain fused to the metal crown-This crown has a stronger bond than the regular porcelain. That is because it has been connected to a metal structure. The metal makes this crown more durable.
  • Gold alloys-This crown is a mixture of copper, gold, and other metals. The crown offers a very strong bond to the tooth. It does not fracture or wear the tooth. That is why it is very durable. The golden color makes it stylish too.
  • Base metal alloys-It consists of metals that make up a very strong crown. These metals are highly resistant to corrosion. Before fitting the crown, the least healthy tooth ought
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Colon Health Check

Before you rush to your doctor and embark on a series of unpleasant tests, such as a colonoscopy, you may consider a new alternative now available. It is possible to perform a colon health check for detection of early stages of colonic cancer by identifying fecal blood in the stool. In fact the American Cancer Society strongly recommends people test for fecal occult blood every year. Fecal occult blood indicates bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract which may be an indication of cancer.

Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract can also be caused by benign conditions such as hemorrhoids, polyps, stomach ulcers, rectal fissures and more. In any case this will be detected in the colon health check self test after which you would see a physician as soon as possible to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Testing for colon cancer is recommended to anyone over the age of 40 as

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Relieve Braces Pain

Adjust your diet and try more cold beverages and foods. Soon after getting braces, your teeth and gums are sore and hard, crunchy foods such as chips, raw vegetables, and certain fruit further irritate this soreness. Avoid anything that could further cause discomfort, and instead opt for soft foods or foods that don’t involve a lot of chewing or pressure on the teeth, such as mashed potatoes and soup. Having cold beverages and foods helps combat inflammation as well. They can act in a similar manner to an ice pack, and numb the inside of your mouth. Sucking on ice can also help relieve pain, but make sure that you don’t chew the ice! Chewing it can damage your gums, fracture your enamel, and even cause broken teeth.

Try chewing on frozen teething rings. Teething rings are designed for infants, however, they can help combat pressure and discomfort that comes … Read the rest

Having Fear of Doctors

Some people just do not like the idea of going to a doctor even for a checkup. Other people do not want to hear what a doctor has to say about their condition or they have the fear of the unknown thinking their condition is worse than what it really is and they are scared of the diagnoses. This is a bad situation and your condition may get worse overtime so seeing a doctor can offer you a piece of mind.

Having the fear of doctors has happened to many people. If you are one of these people, you must think about the consequences of what could happen if you do not go to the doctor and your condition worsens. This could cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills when you do decide it is time to go to the doctor. If you are afraid to go to the … Read the rest


Patients and dentists alike attribute the aching of teeth to a variety of causes including:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Poor diet
  • Stress
  • Oral health issues

A mouth that is not adequately taken care of in the sense of inadequate, improper or inconsistent cleaning will become diseased and more prone to injury and pain. By failing to regularly floss and brush one’s teeth, he or she is likely to ruin his or her beautiful smile.

Cavities, also called tooth decay can cause toothaches. When the teeth aren’t brushed at least twice a day and when daily flossing isn’t done, food particles can get lodged in between teeth or on the chewing surface of teeth. The longer these food particles accumulate and subsequently get broken down, a type of enamel eroding acid is produced that weaken the tooth enamel. As a result, the hard, outer protection of the tooth gets compromised, allowing … Read the rest

Ear Wax Removal

A List of Don’ts

While it is natural to want to stay clean, there are several things people should not do with regards to this sensitive organ. Cotton swabs are extensively marketed for cleaning ears. In many cases, however, your body keeps itself clean. The process of inserting a cotton swab into the canal can actually do more harm than good. This process may push cerumen back down into the canal instead of allowing it to work itself out naturally. Once this pattern begins, the body may even respond by producing more wax. Over time, the cerumen can become severely compacted, which can partially or completely obstruct the canal.

Additionally, people should never attempt to use any sharp instruments for ear wax removal. Items such as paper clips, hairpins, and toothpicks can result in serious injury, perhaps even causing a punctured drum.

A number of over-the-counter remedies are also available … Read the rest

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Prevention is the best cure for childhood obesity. Obesity can be control through many strategic interventions which include creating the right environment, imbibing physical exercise, and diet. Most of these strategies can be started at home while some can happen at school as children spend much time at school. After-school care services can play a significant role in influencing the diet and physical activity for children at an early age. The faster the plan is initiated, the better for today’s generation.

Although the exact factors supporting childhood obesity are not entirely understood, it is a proven fact that obesity may occur when the energy intake exceeds the energy spent by children. Genetic factors also play a role in childhood obesity, but it is not the only factor to looked when trying to determine what causes obesity in children. Different outside factors like environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, and cultural conditions are

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