Fears and Phobias Revealed

Let’s take another type of situation. Let’s say you had been in a relationship in which your significant other cheated on you. Perhaps he/she would announce that they were “going to meet a friend for drinks” and you later discovered that it was during each of those times that they were unfaithful to you. Since the subconscious mind is always looking for meaning and creates meaning through association, it simply links these two things, “going to meet a friend for drinks” now equals “Cheating”. How do you know if you have made this association? The next time you find yourself in a relationship and your partner announces that he/she is “Going to meet a friend for drinks,” notice what happens. You get this feeling in your body, maybe a tenseness in your muscles and a sick feeling in your stomach. Your mind instantly starts playing out the scenario in the form of a future memory, as if it’s already experienced the infidelity by this new person, too. What is happening is your subconscious mind is automatically alerting you that it believes that there is trouble. The problem is, there may not be any trouble at all. This is a different person. A different time. Possibly a different environment. But, one of the jobs of the subconscious mind is to keep us away from pain so that we can emotionally and physically survive. That announcement about the drinks will be just as powerful to you as the sight of the ocean would be to someone who had experienced something negative in the ocean. Right or wrong, the association and belief is there, and there very powerfully!

Is this a good or bad thing? It depends. Thank goodness our minds have this capability to help us steer clear of danger, so we don’t get hurt twice. On the other hand, many times the programming becomes a problem. It can cause us to unconsciously ruin a good relationship or keep us from enjoying something that is pleasurable. The ocean doesn’t always mean trouble. Going out for drinks doesn’t always mean cheating. But until we change the programming, we will avoid people and situations in which our subconscious minds have labeled, “Warning – Danger Ahead!”

This is where hypnosis will help. I have seen many cases of people afraid of things that they do not want to be afraid of. And, I have been extremely successful in eliminating those fears. What I do is easy, simple, and straightforward. By disconnecting the negative association and then creating a positive association to the event that used to be painful or frightening, a new neural pathway is created in the subconscious mind. This overrides the debilitating programming, leaving you in a confident, powerful, fearless position. Imagine changing to a life without the fears, doubts, and worries you may now have!