Hospitals Help With Rehabilitation

Inpatient Services

If you have recovered to the point that you no longer need to stay in a medical facility but you still need assistance, you may be sent to an inpatient facility. In many instances, these types of rehabs are operated in conjunction with hospitals even though they may be located in another part of town. Different facilities offer different types of services, so make sure you know exactly what different options you have so that you know which one will be right for your needs.

Patients typically undergo rigorous therapy provided in both individual and group settings. Therapists are extremely experienced so that you can make the fastest progress possible. You’ll be able to wear your own clothes, so make sure you bring plenty of T-shirts, sweat shirts, and sweat pants, because you’ll regularly be in an atmosphere very similar to a gym.

More than likely, a physiatrist will be the professional in charge of your care. This type of doctor typically specializes in rehabilitation as well as physical medicine, focusing on restoring your function as quickly and completely as possible. He or she may treat you directly and prescribe any necessary medication, or may oversee a team that will provide your treatment. The physiatrist will meet with the therapy team regularly to determine your progress and assess your continuing needs.

Outpatient Services

Once the patient has progressed to the point where he or she can return home, there may still be the need for outpatient services. This is a very convenient option that can help someone resume his or her quality of life in the safest and fastest manner. Many hospitals have staff members that can take care of any sort of need and offer a wide range of specialties.

One of the most common services provided in outpatient treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy is a type of service that is routinely provided in a patient’s home. For example, people who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgery can get the proper amount of exercise at home so they can regain their strength and flexibility. Outpatient rehab can also help patients regain their balance and coordination.

Many people who have undergone a surgical procedure or suffered some other type of medical issue may be discouraged to hear they need some sort of therapy. However, it is very important that patients realize it is often an extremely positive thing because it can accelerate their recovery. The top priority of rehabilitation services offered by hospitals is to get their patients back to full health as quickly as possible.