Natural Tinnitus Treatment

Find External Causes

The first natural treatment for tinnitus is to look for external causes. Find out if there is something in your environment that is contributing to the problem. If you work around excessively loud noises, you should wear hearing protection. If you listen to music or podcasts at a high volume with earphones or earbuds, turn it down a bit. If you have a buildup of wax in your ears, clean them out. Many times, finding and eliminating an external cause can reduce or eliminate tinnitus symptoms. Often, finding and eliminating these simple causes can provide tinnitus relief.

Avoid Total Silence

Another way to reduce tinnitus symptoms naturally is to keep some level of pleasant background noise. If you are in total silence, the ear ringing can seem much louder. Playing soft background music (not through earphones or a headset) can help make the ear ringing less noticeable. A white noise machine operating in the background can also help. While not eliminating it, these other sources of sound can reduce the impact of the buzzing or ringing inside your ears by making it less noticeable.

Monitor Your Diet And Your Exercise

Like many other aspects of your health, what you eat and how much you exercise plays an important role in the way your body reacts. Food and drink that negatively impact your levels of blood sugar and your overall blood circulation can lead to tinnitus problems If you eat a lot of sugar and a lot of saturated fat, these can contribute to tinnitus symptoms. Eating a lot of salt can have the same effect. Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, or tea can also help cause ear ringing.

It goes without saying that you should not smoke. If you do, get help and quit. If you don’t smoke, don’t start smoking. If you are trying to quit using one of the methods that puts a low level of nicotine into your system, such as gum or a patch, be aware that the nicotine in these products causes similar problems as the nicotine in cigarettes, with respect to tinnitus. The nicotine in your system affects your blood circulation, which affects the sound in your ears.

If you have put on some weight, try to lose it. Getting down to a healthy weight can improve circulation and reduce tinnitus symptoms. Walking, biking, jogging, swimming, or yoga are all good forms of exercise. Try different ones until you get to one that you can do regularly with a good level of enjoyment. Enjoying your exercise routine makes it easier to lose weight and keep it off. In addition to lower body weight improving your blood circulation, the exercise itself provides benefits in this regard, as well. Exercise also helps you sleep better, and getting better sleep can reduce your overall stress level. Improvement in sleep patterns and stress levels can help reduce the cause of tinnitus.

Natural Supplements For Tinnitus Treatment

Taking natural supplements is not a silver bullet for treatment of tinnitus. But, they can help reduce symptoms. Ginkgo-leaf extract is reported to help with nerve cell signaling, which can reduce the effects of tinnitus. Magnesium is also reported to help.

The natural methods above can all help in quest for natural tinnitus treatment. Finding out and eliminating any external causes and using light background noise can help right away. Establishing a better diet, getting regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy body weight take a little longer, but will produce longer term results. Finally, in addition to these methods, consider taking natural supplements. The supplements alone will not likely be effective, but when taken along with the other changes, the overall effects can be quite positive.