The actual practice of Osteopathy can trace its roots all the way back to 1874 in the United States. It was then that Dr. Andrew Still coined this term and began using it in his own practice, as well as setting up his own school of medicine designed for this practice alone. He founded the American School of Osteopathy in 1892, and it is still open today, though under a different name. He wanted to expand the field of medicine himself and get rid of the restrictions it so often placed on doctors.

Nowadays, the techniques involved in Osteopathy are more refined, but still center around many of the same beliefs. Techniques such as; lymphatic pump, Craniosacral, Muscle Energy, Facilitated Positional Release, and Counterstrain/Strain-Counterstrain are used by many who practice Osteopathy and can be used to relive many different ailments of the human body.

While many people may find that this type of treatment works for their problems, others find that it is not a very effective way of helping or treating any major medical issues. There is no absolute proof that this practice can help anything other than back pain and other muscle pains.

Whether you want to believe that it works or not, it is definitely a practice that has stood the test of time since 1874 and many people will still use it today. While it may not be conventional, there are many who believe it is healthier for you in the long run instead of taking so much medication. It does involve a less invasive set of techniques, so if you are looking to relieve your lower back pain, this may be the way to go. Why not try it for yourself if you suffer from back pain? This alternative medicine could very well help you and reduce or eliminate your pain and suffering altogether.