Overcome Fear of Water With Hypnosis

Most people who have a fear of swimming or a fear of open water have had some sort of traumatic experience involving water. These experiences can be as simple as being unexpectedly pushed in a pool at a park, to something as shocking as losing a loved one to a water-related accident. For other people, the fear of what lurks in open water, like sharks, is enough to cause a deep-seated fear.

Hypnosis works to eliminate these phobias or fears because it works with the subconscious, where all major and minor memories are stored in your mind. These memories directly influence how you think and act today. What is worse is that sometimes the subconscious amplifies or exaggerates the memories stored there, making how you feel today even more dire.

When you work with a certified hypnotist, you will be able to identify the exact cause of your fears, and the events that trigger them. By guiding you into a state of hypnosis, your hypnotist can reprogram how your subconscious views and uses these memories. Being in a state of hypnosis is much like how you feel when you get lost in a project or the storyline in a book or movie, when you lose track of time and are unaware of your surroundings. In this natural state, your mind is quiet and open to your hypnotist.

By retraining how your subconscious views the fear inducing past events, your hypnotist can eliminate your fear of open water, and even teach your mind to see water as the beautiful, enjoyable resource that it is. In fact, they can use positive suggestions planted directly into the subconscious to help teach your mind that whatever event caused your fear has no place in your life now. Hypnosis reprograms how your subconscious views the event so that it no longer influences your physical and emotional behaviors today. Once your mind releases that, though you remember the past event, you no longer need to be afraid of it occurring again.

Through visualization techniques, your hypnotist can reprogram your mind to associate water with good things, like jumping in a cool pool on a hot day, or laughing on water rides at theme parks. They can also boost your self-confidence so that your mind knows that you are smart and strong enough to deal with water-related challenges in a responsible way.

Once your fear of deep water is eliminated you will be able to enjoy water related sports and activities. Hypnosis will help you rediscover swimming and boating, enjoying the beach, or even flying over water in a plane.