Points For Selecting Quit Smoking Therapist

  • Does your practitioner have the confidence to help you quit in one session or like some do they want you to quit over a course of sessions, sometimes as many as six. At some point you have to finally quit so it might as well be in your first session, rather than drag it out. I believe it has to do with the belief system and confidence of the practitioner, or they just want you to pay more.
  • Question if the fee is too cheap. Of course we all want a good price, but what we really want is results. Cheap practitioners don’t stay in business very long. Over the years I have been in practice I’ve seen many budget practitioners come and go. Recently a man called me to book a quit session, I told him the price and he said the last time he quit he did it for a quarter of the price. Firstly the other hypnotist is not in business anymore, and secondly he had started smoking again.
  • Are you offered a guarantee? I believe a period of 6 months is fair and reasonable. If they smoke again in that time they will get be supported. Beyond 6 months if a person starts again it’s because they choose to do so. A life time guarantee makes no sense and I wouldn’t believe it. Money back guarantees sound good, but psychologically it is setting you up to not caring if you fail.
  • Call your practitioner and have a chat for a few minutes and only book your session if you feel connected to this person and they instill a sense of confidence in your ability to quit.