The Digital Kitchen Has Replaced Cookbooks

Baking Bread

Welcome to the digital kitchen. It’s time to feel bad for cookbook publishers. Millennials do everything digitally and do not need to fill their kitchens with books. Why sort through pages looking for that recipe when everything is right at your fingers? If one recipe doesn’t look appealing or the ingredients are not on hand, just find another. While older people might still print a recipe, Millennials and Gen Z might not even own a printer. A tablet or phone is the modern cookbook.

Organizing Recipes

Along with so many recipe sites that have ways to digitally organize the recipes from different places that the cook wishes to retain, digital recipe organizers can be accessed through the Internet or an app to make finding that great casserole a cinch. Inputting a name doesn’t require an index or digging through many different books.

How Millennials Find New Recipes

Searching for something like bread recipes comes out of a “spark phase” when the idea is formulated to eat something specific that day. Subscriptions to cooking channels are higher than ever before, so recalling something that looked great is all it takes. Next is the simple search and the comparison of several recipes with a mental picture formed of which sounds the tastiest due to included ingredients, typically those that most enhance the flavor.

The final product always proves the choice of a recipe as one that is saved or not. At this point a tasty dish is certainly added to the digital recipe manager. It could be rated and put in top recipes if it was delicious.

Cooking has changed. Having access to digital recipes and even videos has changed everything. A generation that loves excellent food will never find recipes in a book.