Facts Rehabilitation


  • The rehabilitation procedure follows different patterns, which differs in different centres.
  • Physical therapy: improving mobility, fitness and strength.
  • Speech-language therapy: ameliorate understanding, speaking, writing and reading.
  • Occupational therapy: help with daily routines.
  • Pain treatment.

Every treatment has a different aim and is individualised according to the patient. There are different rehabs for various cases like, drug addiction, ACL, cardiac, pulmonary, etc. rehabilitations.


Physiatry is a physical rehab that is related to management, diagnosis and evaluation of the physical problems and disabilities. The procedures include diagnosis and treatment of every limiting condition. The therapists are specialised in the management and diagnosis of various impairments, especially the neurological disorders. They focus on the development of psychological, occupational, vocational, physical, and social function in patients.


Rehabs focus on counselling too. Through counselling, they try to assist people overcome their addictions or disabilities and live an independent life. Usually, rehab counsellors

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Insidious Diet Busters

Carbonated beverages. High in sugars and no nutritional value, carbonated beverages rob your system of magnesium, calcium and vitamin A, all key ingredients to weight loss. A typical twelve ounce can of cola have 7 teaspoons of sugar in it. Cutting out one can a day will drop your weight 16 pounds a year.

Potatoes. The starches and carbohydrates in potatoes cause insulin spikes which increase hunger. Potatoes are fried, drenched in butter, over salted and are dense in calories without these additions.
Portion control. Restaurants have trained all of us to eat bigger portions. Yet when the average dieter reads the labels, a serving of food is just about one half cup. Just enough to fit nicely in your cupped palm. A 3 ounce serving of meat are just the size of a pack of playing cards. So most people take in two to three times the calories they … Read the rest

Give Full Care to Voice

  • Before: Don’t drink coffee, tea and milk. Coffee & tea takes the moisture off your body, which will also dry off your vocal folds (cords). Milk creates phlegm. Drink warm water.
  • During: Learn the correct way of breathing, i.e. to breathe with the support of your diaphragm, and power up your voice through resonance. In this way, you can talk as long as you want!
  • After: If you have lost your voice, do not talk, especially whisper (it adds more pressure on your vocal folds). Drink more water. Take a steam bath if possible. Or breathe in the vapour from a cup of hot water. It’ll help relieve the immediate surface wear-and-tear on the edges of your vocal folds.
  • The most important effective way to even prevent vocal strain from happening is to learn the correct way of projecting your voice. Most people use their throat too much, which creates
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Cure Stuttering Fast

A large part of stuttering can be traced to how we think about our speech and how we think about ourselves. There are in fact many reasons why individuals stutter. That is why for some individual’s speech therapy works and for others it does not work. Many stutters just never learned how to speak correctly because they suffered from some traumatic experience when they were young. No matter why an individual stutters there is hope. Many individuals have overcome their stuttering problem and have gone on to live a normal life.

A large part of having a stuttering problem means that you are unable to express yourself. This will create social challenges that most individuals will never have to do deal with. Many times people who stutter will just avoid certain words and this will cause them to avoid other words. A large part of overcoming stuttering is overcoming the

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American Style of Perfect Smile

The American perception towards the ‘perfect’ smile is greatly influenced by their history. During the time of the Great Depression, Charles Pincus the dentist opened his practice in Hollywood and Vine. He then began advertising to the movie studios. He used veneers to cover up teeth imperfections and created great smiles for famous actors like James Dean, Judy Garland and Shirley Temple to match their symmetrical faces. Since then, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing smile has become synonymous with wealth and fame. Americans believe having a Hollywood smile can boost self-esteem, confidence and give a better first impression. In fact, this may be true! As studies suggest that people with white and straight teeth are 38% more likely to be perceived as smart and are 62% more likely to get a date. In addition, it is a social norm to receive orthodontic treatment in America. 80% of North American teenager visits … Read the rest

Skin Rashes

Why are skin rashes so common place? Why do more and more people suffer from skin conditions? Modern medicine is well developed, yet still there is no satisfactory explanation and no real ‘cure’ for these troublesome and painful conditions.

The more I read and research health and wellness, skin conditions and their probable causes, the clearer the link has become in my mind. In the olden days our cleaning products were made of hot water and soap, or bicarb and vinegar, or just plain old elbow grease. Our bathroom cupboard was not full of hundreds of different products housed in plastic bottles and tubs, and our clothes were washed in nothing more than boiling water.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Now for most of us, our morning routine alone means we start each day by applying multiple products to our hair and skin. We vigorously and vigilantly scour our

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Antioxidants to Dinner

Supplementing your diet with extra antioxidants is crucial to our bodies and our immune systems during times when we are more likely to come into contact with cold or flu viruses in packed shopping malls or other public places . Just what exactly are antioxidants? Well, antioxidants are essentially natural compounds that protect our bodies from free radical damage to our cells. This destructive process is called oxidation. Just like many metals oxidize and then rust, our own bodies tend to do the same over time. The oxidation then results in specific chemical changes that impair the healthy process that should be happening.

It should be considered that free radicals are produced within the body every single day from the different chemical reactions which happen in each individual part of our bodies.

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End the Procrastination


Originally you came up with a good idea to do something about your fluency, so your original commitment or willingness to act was there and probably strong. Think about what you committed to. Was it realistic and was it something that you could reasonably achieve within a time frame? Were you trying to achieve too much too soon? Did you expect to see major changes without the framework of good self-belief, great technique and friendly support? You see, all the reasons we fail to achieve our fluency goals are entangled and become such an anchor to our road to recovery that, in most cases, we drop the ball and fail.

Write your ideas for self-improvement down and make sure they are realistic, things that you can fairly easily achieve on a daily basis. Write down and highlight small gains and successes. Celebrate and acknowledge each achievement, no matter how … Read the rest

Foods Can Whiten Teeth Naturally

  1. Strawberries: It contains malic acid, a naturally bleaching agent as well as an astringent. It helps to whiten your naturally. Strawberries also contain Vitamin C, which helps to remove plaque from your teeth. So, you must add strawberries in your food basket the next time you visit the supermarket to ensure proper dental care.
  2. Carrot: When you chew raw carrot, it aids to clean your teeth and enhances the production of saliva which, in turn, aids to kill bacteria in your mouth. Carrot also contains Vitamin A, which helps to maintain your eyesight as well as give strength to the tooth enamel.
  3. Cheese: Cheese has no colour, so it does not leave any stain on teeth. Moreover, it contains minerals, which provides strength to teeth and gums, such as calcium and phosphorus. These also insulate your teeth from the damage from harmful acids.
  4. Water: Water helps your teeth to stay
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Composition of a Tooth

Tooth Enamel

The part of the teeth you’re most familiar with is the tooth enamel. This is the hard, translucent, outer covering of the tooth. It is this part of the tooth that cavities can destroy and leave the tooth vulnerable to further decay and disease. The enamel is said to be the hardest and most mineral-packed substance of the body. Tooth enamel is made up of mostly minerals, with some organic compounds and water. The enamel is the thickest (and strongest) at the cusp of the tooth and is weakest along the tooth edges.

As we age, the years of use, abuse and wear and tear, the enamel slowly wears off in what is called attrition.

What is enamel made of? Crystalline calcium phosphate called hydroxyapatite accounts for most of the minerals found in tooth enamel. These minerals give teeth their strength, as well as their brittleness. Enamel also … Read the rest