How To Overcome Stuttering

Overcoming Stuttering Is About “Fixing” It

A lot of marketing I’ve seen in our community is based on this promise, so you need to be extra careful with this. Most organizations/individuals communicate the idea of “Come along and we teach you a stuttering technique which you can fix your stuttering with”.

No, no, no. Never ever fall into this trap. It’s the worst mindset you can have if you want to overcome stuttering.

Overcoming stuttering is NOT about fixing it, it is about DISSOLVING it.

Learning Some Physical Stuttering Techniques Is Enough To Overcome Stuttering

This may be true in some very rare cases, but in general any PWS(person who stutters) need a holistic, multi-approach strategy to deal with and overcome stuttering.

You should never underestimate the importance of the mental side of the equation. Your mindset is so CRITICAL when it comes to overcoming your stuttering challenge. Your thoughts, your emotions, your perceptions, your beliefs and the way you approach the problem is very critical and need to be addressed correctly.

There Is Nothing That Can Be Done For Stuttering

Have you ever been on internet forums, discussion groups or even support groups where people constantly spread their negative energy and claim that there is nothing that can be done for stuttering?

They defend this “beyond genius” idea with some “scientific studies”. They don’t know how to defend it but all they say is “stuttering is a neurological flaw”, “stuttering is genetic” and things along those lines to prove that there is nothing that can be done for stuttering and nobody should waste time trying to improve their speech.

I call these people “born failures who suck motivation from possible winners”.

No matter what the core reason of stuttering is, there is a solution to it. It is definitely possible to IMPROVE your speech to a great level and eventually overcome stuttering.

If the hypothesis “there is nothing that can be done for stuttering” is true, then could anyone please explain me how on earth there are hundreds of stutterers who successfully overcame stuttering?

Yes, curing stuttering is not possible yet, but you can learn to improve your speech to a great level where stuttering would not be an issue in your life anymore, it would not be an obstacle on your way to live the life you desire.