Info of Cold Water Therapy

Our muscle tear and tear when we exercise. They swell up and then they swell down and harden as they heal. Cold water is a contributor to the healing process. If you have a pool go sit in it for about a half hour after working out. Move your body around in it. Move your arms and legs and walk slowly and naturally through it. Let the water pass over your muscles while you concentrate on relaxing and healing. Think of nothing else other than the way your muscles feel in the water and the way the water feels passing around you.

After about 5 to 10 minutes, calmly dip your entire body including your head under water and float above the surface of the bottom of the pool. Try to balance yourself in the center of the water so your body is not either out of the water and not touching the bottom surface. Stay there as long as you can without holding your breath too long, and without straining your lungs, thinking only about how the water feels around you while you are moving your arms and legs balancing your center. Do this one time then before you start to feel pressure from holding your breath calmly lift yourself out of the water and return to standing position with your feet on the bottoms surface and again concentrating on moving your body calmly around in the water still only thinking about how your muscles feel as the water passes over them. Do this for another 5 to 10 minutes while you continue to breath naturally and then repeat again.

This exercise will help heal your muscles and center your thoughts which will also help heal your muscles. After 30 minutes of this you should feel a huge physical difference. We’ve all heard the phrase “Drink Responsibly” well we need “Exercise Responsibly” as well.