Naturally Perfect Health

Our cells are constantly reproducing as older ones dies off. What this means is that we have the ability to create our body to order through our thoughts. Here is an example of what I am getting at. If we observe two people who have both been diagnosed with an identical health condition, we can really see the truth of this. Let’s say that one person chooses to focus on the negative condition. They talk about how awful it is to their friends and family. They feel awful about it and feel awful about themselves.

This person will actually intensify their negative health condition. The cells in their body will respond to their thoughts and give them more of what they are complaining and feeling bad about. On the other hand, let’s observe another person with the same “condition” who chooses to focus on possibility and health. This person is thankful for their body’s inherent ability to heal.

This person chooses to speak with friends and family about positive things and proceeds with faith and gratitude that their “condition” will be healed. The cells in this person’s body will respond to their thoughts and heal. Despite the fact that two different people are diagnosed with the same condition, one gets worse while the other heals. And the only difference is the way the two people choose to focus their thoughts. This is how you can enjoy naturally perfect health. It’s really that easy.