Scared Of Flying

  • Breathe Properly
    Some people take medications, others drink alcohol. While these means of cure can help them in a way, drugs and alcohol can actually just perpetuate the problem. With drug intake, you will likely develop a dependency on them. What you need to do instead is to try other techniques to help you feel calm. Such techniques will help make your journey easier to bear. One method is the technique of proper breathing. Concentrate and then breathe in for a specific number of counts and then hold your breath for this same amount of time. Slowly breathe out. With this, you will notice that you are beginning to feel calmer. Meditation is also another technique that helps calm your anxiety and worries.
  • Ease Up
    One thing that contributes to fear of lying is the words or language used in this field. There are signs where you will read ‘final destination’, ‘terminal’ or ‘departure’. While some people think that these words are not harmful, to some, these words actually imply doom and death. If you see such signs, just laugh and make a joke about them and then look for other signs around.
  • Enjoy Your Flight
    The right way of dealing with fear is to know how you must change your attitude toward the turbulence. Stop your fright by trying to turn the horror into jokes.
  • Confront Your Fear
    Confronting what makes you scared is the best way to overcome it. To stop your fear, you must decide to fly. Exposure to the things that threaten you will be the beginning of your freedom from it. When you expose yourself over and over to the thing that scares you, it will become common to you and you will learn to ignore it.
  • Take Facts Seriously
    When we know something is true, we feel more at ease. Thus, in overcoming the fear of flying, you may also use available facts to finish your fearful episodes. Facts have shown that from one particular study, it was found that riding an airplane is much safer when going to New York from Los Angeles.
  • Know What You Should Expect
    When you know what to expect about something, you help ease whatever apprehension is trying to envelope you. When you are not aware of what will happen in the following events, you become scared. To ease your apprehension in flying, you must be informed that your ears will feel rather funny while up on the air; that you must put on your seatbelts; that your plane is possible to hit turbulence, etc. To be aware of all these things, do your homework and perform significant search on the internet.