Stop the Spread of Vitiligo

Use Sunscreen

Before you go out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Actually, sunburn can make your condition even worse in addition to harm your skin. Opt for a broad spectrum sunscreen. For instance, it should be SPF 30 or higher. Ideally, it should be a waterproof formula. If you are going to spend an entire day outdoors, you need to reapply the solution every two hours.

Wear Thicker Outfits

For better skin protection, you can opt for thicker outfits. Actually, the SPF of clothing gives protection to your skin and restrict the damage. Ideally, you may want to choose thicker fabric as they offer better protection.

Don’t use Sunlamps or Tanning Beds

Sunlamps or tanning beds are not good for you. They don’t darken those lighter spots unlike what most people think. Instead, sunlamps may cause sunburn to your healthy skin. As a result, you may develop more skin blotches. If you really want a tan, you can opt for spray tans or tanning lotions.

Don’t get a Tattoo

Oftentimes, wounds create a fresh patch of vitiligo on your skin. Typically, this new patch appears around two weeks post your wound. We know that tattoos are created by wounding the skin, they boost the spread of vitiligo.

Use Ginkgo Biloba

The ginkgo biloba herb can help you hamper the spread of vitiligo. As a matter of fact, this herb may even help you restore your skin color. You can buy this herb in the form of a tablet as a supplement. Make sure you talk to your doctor before buying any supplements.

Don’t use Immune Boosting Herbs

Since vitiligo is a disorder of the immune system, you don’t want to eat a herb that may trigger your immune system. Common herbs that you might want to avoid include spirulina, astragalus, goldenseal, and Echinacea.

Use a Multi-Vitamin

You can use a multivitamin after your doctor’s approval. Actually, some vitiligo sufferers are deficient in vitamins. This may worsen the condition even more. For a healthy body, common vitamins that you should take include vitamin E, vitamin C, CoQ10, zinc, and copper. When your body is deficient in certain vitamins, you can opt for vitamin supplements.