Ways of Straightening Teeth

Lingual braces

These are braces that are similar to metallic braces. The only difference is that these are put behind the teeth. They are customized for each individual, and the advantage of this type of braces is that they are positioned behind, therefore they are not visible outwardly. However, they may cause some irritations on the tongue as well as interruptions in speech.

Traditional metal braces

There are braces made out of metal and some rubber bands. They are placed along the front of the teeth and they align the teeth by applying constant pressure on them. They could create some discomfort initially but you will eventually adapt to the feeling of having them in your mouth.

Invisalign aligners

These are clear, plastic aligners that are customized to fit your teeth perfectly. They are comfortable and pain-free. They are removable, so you can put them aside whenever you need to have a meal. An advantage of this method of teeth straightening is the appearance. They are made out of clear, soft plastic that is not obviously visible on the teeth. You can do more research about invisalign dentistry so as to get comprehensive information.


These are usually installed after using braces for some time, or after undergoing surgery. Retainers are made of metal and plastic and they are also removable. They help in closing gaps in between the teeth.


These are thin layers that dentists put on top of the tooth. You cannot use veneers to correct major misalignments. They are mostly used for minor corrections. They are also used to conceal cracked or crooked teeth. These can be useful to you if you do not need a major correction done.