Causes Monophobia

Like most phobias the causes of monophobia usually start in childhood. The most likely cause is being abandoned by a parent when you were a child. This tends to lead to a feeling of being unloved or unwanted. This leads to a feeling when we get older that people are going to leave and this causes a fear of being left alone. Basically the fear is that they won’t come back if they leave so there is a fear of being left alone.

Another common cause of monophobia is being abused as a child. Obviously the more people there are around the less likely it is that a child will be abused. This usually leads to a fear of what will happen when we are left alone. As we get older we continue to have this fear. In some cases this type of fear can start as adults. Children are

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Probiotics for Psoriasis

Not to mention that it’s deemed to be incurable. And don’t even get us started on all the cures that are meant to get rid of psoriasis. It seems, after all, that many psoriasis treatments involve dubious ingredients of like steroids, petroleum jelly, or some sort of pharmaceutical nonsense which you don’t know whether to blindly trust, or just take to the toxic waste dump and be rid of.

But you do need something to at least alleviate the symptoms of pesky psoriasis – and preferably something natural that won’t go on to cause a list of other side effects.

Enter probiotics, which can not only help you clear up your condition, but also comes with a bevy of other health benefits – rather than unpleasant side effects. Better yet, these beneficial bacteria are natural, and are essential not only in reducing the inflammation which causes psoriasis, but for digestion, … Read the rest

Phobia Dream

She woke up. The sound of her own voice and the light her sister, Sheila, with whom she shared the bedroom had just switched on woke her up. ‘Thank God, it was only a dream,’ Sally thought, ‘but what a nightmare!’ When she woke up Sally found herself standing on her bed next to the wall, searching it frantically with both hands. She was sweating and could sense the pounding of her heart. The commotion had woken Sheila up. Being a light sleeper, Sheila was not amused at being woken up at such a time, as she would have trouble falling asleep again. She’d asked Sally what the matter was, but got no response as she was busy wailing. She then turned on the light, which together with Sally’s noise woke her up. She then realized her sister had been dreaming when she woke up with a start. The sight

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Test for Hearing Loss

Oftentimes, we tend to neglect the hearing sense and take it for granted. Only when there is a serious loss of hearing do we visit a doctor. Many of us don’t realize that hearing loss can lead to serious repercussions including cognitive decline, dementia, low self esteem and being treated as pariahs of the society.

Hearing loss should never be neglected and you should seek the consultation of an Audiologist, Otolaryngologist or Otologist if you feel the above mentioned symptoms.

A hearing loss is diagnosed based on the person’s history, behaviour and the results of medical and audiological examinations. You would then be examined to know of the causes of the hearing loss, and if it can be treated. The most common way by which one could suffer from a loss of hearing is with the fluid in the middle ear or wax in the ear canal not being taken … Read the rest

Natural Tinnitus Treatment

Find External Causes

The first natural treatment for tinnitus is to look for external causes. Find out if there is something in your environment that is contributing to the problem. If you work around excessively loud noises, you should wear hearing protection. If you listen to music or podcasts at a high volume with earphones or earbuds, turn it down a bit. If you have a buildup of wax in your ears, clean them out. Many times, finding and eliminating an external cause can reduce or eliminate tinnitus symptoms. Often, finding and eliminating these simple causes can provide tinnitus relief.

Avoid Total Silence

Another way to reduce tinnitus symptoms naturally is to keep some level of pleasant background noise. If you are in total silence, the ear ringing can seem much louder. Playing soft background music (not through earphones or a headset) can help make the ear ringing less noticeable. … Read the rest

Create Public Restroom Anxiety

Germaphobia is one of the conditions that heighten restroom anxiety especially when patrons are dining in a popular eating establishment. The following pet peeves are, but not limited to the overall concern patrons have with public restrooms, whether it’s in a department store, movie theater, sports stadium, office building or interstate rest area.

  • Foul odor
  • Empty toilet paper dispenser
  • Empty soap dispenser
  • Wads of paper on the floor
  • Empty paper towel dispenser
  • Overflowing waste baskets
  • Filthy toilets and urinals
  • Dirty floors and discolored build up on tile grout

If any of these answers sound remotely familiar to you, guess what? You are not alone. One often wonders about the type of hygienic habits many individuals practice at home when they do not respectfully use public bathrooms as we expect them to or have the common courtesy to avoid leaving a repulsive mess afterward. People should not simply assume that someone

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About Executive Functioning

As children grow they have to learn to do all these things with their brain. By the time they are adults they are competent at multitasking, keeping attention on a task, changing focus quickly, planning and organising, fixing misunderstandings, and controlling impulses. They need to be able to display emotions that are appropriate to a situation and to remember and process information.

The frontal lobe part of the brain is involved in all these executive functions. If children do not develop their executive functioning skills at the rate expected for their age, they have all sorts of difficulties with attention, communication and relationships. They can be bright, intelligent children who become frustrated and don’t seem to achieve their potential. The situation can be extremely frustrating for parents and for teachers.

Children with executive functioning deficits find it difficult to control escalating emotions. They tend to overreact and often people feel … Read the rest

ADHD Health Check

If the condition is diagnosed, there are treatments available that will permit a child, teenager, or an adult to live a highly positive and productive life. Unfortunately, if treatment is not sought after an ADHD health check confirms the presence of the condition, life and the tasks associated with life may prove to be highly challenging.

The National Institute of Mental Health states that there are three individual subtypes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These are identified as the following:

  • “Predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive”
  • “Predominantly Inattentive”
  • “Combined Hyperactive-Impulsive and Inattentive”

Once you or the person that you know is diagnosed after having an ADHD health check, the medical professional will make an assessment of the symptoms that are being experienced on a regular basis.

The professional will then closely evaluate the symptoms in order to determine which ADHD subtype is being experienced. Once this is established, the medical professional will be able

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Reasons For Prosthetic

The main reason why a person needs prosthetics is amputation. This is the medical procedure wherein a part of the body, normally the arms or legs, is removed. The reason for the removal can be several reasons. One is diabetes. This is a medical condition that gradually damages the cells of the body. If the spread is not stopped, the whole body including the organs will be severely affected. This is the reason why people with severe diabetes should avoid having open wounds. Another one is cancer. Cancer cells work by killing the healthy cells of the body. It spreads rapidly therefore it should be stopped immediately. One of the fastest ways to stop the spread is by amputating the part of the body that has already been severely affected.

Another reason for a prosthetics is a lost body part due to accidents. Car accidents, for example, can damage the … Read the rest

Treat Baby Eczema

Use pressed oil

Sunflower and coconut oils make the best oil remedies for eczema in babies. Coconut moisturizes the skin and has antibacterial properties that help reduce eczema and the risks of the condition. The sunflower oil, on the other hand is rich in fatty acids that are helpful in treating the condition. It improves the barrier function of baby’s skin and keeps it moisturized thus improving the condition greatly. The pressed oil of sunflower or coconut can be massaged on the baby’s skin daily to help treat eczema and keep the skin moisturized to minimize the risks.

Use oatmeal baths

Ground oats are very effective in relieving skin irritations and they also help in relieving itching that is associated with eczema. You can use baths to reduce inflammation and to also normalize skin pH. A simple way of using this natural treatment is to take a handful of colloidal

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