Make Masks at Home

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventions new crisis guidelines to health care workers says that where no face masks are available, homemade masks, made of bandannas or scarves, for instance, can be used as a last resort That’s how desperate they are, that they said that. Livingston says. Cloth masks aren’t ideal. A 2015 study of over 1,000 healthcare workers in Hanoi, Vietnam, found that those who were assigned to wear cloth masks were more likely to get a respiratory virus than those who wore medical masks, made of thick fibers that catch a range of particles. That study appeared in BMJ Open.

The mask needs to strike a balance between filtering capabilities and breath ability. Some materials, such as vacuum bags, are better at filtering than others, a 2013 study in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness suggests. But vacuum bags are hard to breathe through. Cotton … Read the rest


Speech Pathologists break ‘metalinguistics’ down into separate components so that we can help children to fix the areas that are letting them down. Some of these components are:

  • Sound awareness or phonological awareness – being able to hear the differences between speech sounds, hear all the syllables and sounds in words, hear starting and ending sounds, manipulate sounds in words
  • Semantic awareness – understanding that everything has a name, associate words with meanings, understanding how words are related, understanding higher level language like figures of speech with layers of meaning, and noticing when something doesn’t make sense
  • Syntactic awareness – understanding how to put correct sentences together and manipulate words in sentences and larger chunks of text
  • Word awareness – understanding that words can have multiple meanings or sound the same and have different meanings, be opposite or similar or come from the same root
  • Pragmatic awareness – understanding the
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Give Up Insomnia

Self-inflicted insomnia is easily cured. What I call “real” insomnia is a beast of a much deeper hue, debilitating and much harder to defeat. Even so, it is not impossible to overcome and there is a whole range of things you can do to get the upper hand.

Here I should state that I do not pretend to have any special medical or therapeutic knowledge and I would not advise anybody to stop taking their prescribed medication. I am just sharing my experiences in the hope that they might help other people who are struggling through wakeful nights.

The following tips for getting off to sleep are pretty well known but I think they are worth repeating.

  • Keep the bedroom just for bed with no reminders of daytime activities like work or study. Decorate the room in restful colours and use soft lighting. Make sure the temperature is comfortable and
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Alpha Bio Implants System

Materials used in alpha bio-implants

Titanium is a biocompatible material to use within a human body. Alpha bio-implants are made up of pure titanium. These implants are manufactured by using alpha biotechnology which helps to maintain the quality of implants approving internationals standard and highly durable. The patients get lifetime warranty which represents that you can change alpha bio-implants instantly if you identify any requirement to replace implants due to any defect, fracture or contamination. Alpha bio-implants act as a long-lasting substitute when your tooth gets damaged, fractured or lost. If you join Dr Bhutani Courses, you will get training for following the way to select suitable dental implants according to the patient’s requirement.

Advantages of Alpha Bio-Implants

When a dentist provides treatment for dental implants, he or she requires a clear knowledge of Osseointegration. Osseointegration is an important part when the dentists offer treatment and it represents the perfect

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Obesity Delivery Method

  1. Sugar rich foods, which include wheat, rice and potatoes. All of these foods quickly convert to glucose in your blood stream and then in triglycerides, also known as fats.
  2. Junk foods which are heavy in the omega 6 industrial oils which play havoc with your arteries and are also stored as fat, and are made worse by usually being consumed with sugar. i.e. pizza and cola.
  3. Insufficient movement, while exercise is a poor way to lose weight it is important for the proper functioning of your whole body, especially your cardio vascular system, your immune system, your hormones and your emotional state.
  4. If you have problems with your hormones obesity can be a consequence. An under active thyroid is the most well-known, wrong levels or testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone will cause weight gain, plus the stress hormone cortisol can cause food cravings and melatonin the sleep hormone if not being
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Swallowing Disorder

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. Swallowing is just something that happens for most people without having to think about it, but dysphagia can affect all people of all ages, from newborn babies to elderly people.

At the back of the mouth is the pharynx. Just below the pharynx we have two passages, one for air (the trachea) and one for food and fluid (the oesophagus). Only one is supposed to be open at a time, so that we stop breathing momentarily when we swallow and then start breathing immediately afterwards.

Swallowing is actually one of the most complex actions that our body has to do. First, the brain has to plan out the whole action then tell at least thirty pairs of muscles what to do. This is called a motor program or motor plan.
Food is processed in the mouth to the point that it is … Read the rest

Cure Psoriasis

  • Vitamin D is another good combatant against Psoriasis flares. Now, in a previous post I did mention that you should always use sunblock. Sunblock is extremely important when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. However, the different wavelengths of sunlight which include Ultraviolet A and B for SHORT yet frequent exposures to natural sunlight is what is needed to replenish the Vitamin D to fight Psoriasis. So keep your exposure sessions short i.e. 10 minutes at a time to build up good deposits of Vitamin D in your body.
  • One of the most difficult disciplines you must try to learn, is to NOT PICK at the crusted dried skin found on top of the Psoriasis plaques. Once you have adequately softened the affected areas with moisturizing agents as mentioned above, can these crusted areas of skin be removed safely. It is hard for all of us to
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Rid of Stubborn Eczema

Consult your doctor. Skin problems are not only painful but they can also affect our appearance, it is important to see your doctor when you see early symptoms of eczema to properly treat your skin problem. Your doctor may recommend medications to reduce the reactions of your immune system and to control inflammation. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to treat skin infections. While there are over-the-counter medicines for eczema, it is always best to consult your doctor if you want to get rid of stubborn eczema.

Self-care. While there are medications, daily care is very important in dealing with stubborn eczema. Moisturize your skin to avoid skin dryness that may lead to eczema flare up. A warm bath can help keep the skin moisturized. After bath, avoid rubbing your skin with towel or clothes, instead air-dry your skin to avoid skin irritation.

Avoid exposure to allergen. Eczema may get worse

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Evolution Of Agoraphobia

This leaves them trapped at the only place they feel comfortable and secure, which is their own home. Because of the potential of another panic attack occurring outside of their home, they eventually will stop trusting the outside world altogether. This affects all aspects of the life of the anxiety sufferer, who is now a bona fide agoraphobic. The unfortunate part is that the sufferer rarely talks about the fears they are living with, so even the closest people in their lives will be unaware of what is happening even though they may have a hunch that something is wrong.

In my life, being an agoraphobic was much scarier than my social anxiety. I was able to communicate with people at a respectable rate but I was constantly being misunderstood by others. The word would eventually get around to me that people thought I was a snob or that I … Read the rest

Getting Rid of Dry Skin Due to Eczema

The Right Way To Moisturize

The first and foremost obvious advice given to any eczema patients is to put on lotion or creams to trap in the moisture on the skin, so the dry skin will become smooth and filled with wetness.

But most people don’t know how to do this properly.

Many people think all they have to do is squeeze the lotion into their hands and rub it on the affected skin areas, this is wrong

The correct order to moisturize is to first apply lotion to your palms and rub them around so that it is spread evenly across your palms, then you apply it to your affected areas.

The reason why this is the right way is because by spreading the cream evenly first, it will prevent one part of your skin getting all the moisture and the surrounding parts getting very little. As this will

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