Obesity Delivery Method

  1. Sugar rich foods, which include wheat, rice and potatoes. All of these foods quickly convert to glucose in your blood stream and then in triglycerides, also known as fats.
  2. Junk foods which are heavy in the omega 6 industrial oils which play havoc with your arteries and are also stored as fat, and are made worse by usually being consumed with sugar. i.e. pizza and cola.
  3. Insufficient movement, while exercise is a poor way to lose weight it is important for the proper functioning of your whole body, especially your cardio vascular system, your immune system, your hormones and your emotional state.
  4. If you have problems with your hormones obesity can be a consequence. An under active thyroid is the most well-known, wrong levels or testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone will cause weight gain, plus the stress hormone cortisol can cause food cravings and melatonin the sleep hormone if not being
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Swallowing Disorder

Dysphagia is the medical term for swallowing difficulties. Swallowing is just something that happens for most people without having to think about it, but dysphagia can affect all people of all ages, from newborn babies to elderly people.

At the back of the mouth is the pharynx. Just below the pharynx we have two passages, one for air (the trachea) and one for food and fluid (the oesophagus). Only one is supposed to be open at a time, so that we stop breathing momentarily when we swallow and then start breathing immediately afterwards.

Swallowing is actually one of the most complex actions that our body has to do. First, the brain has to plan out the whole action then tell at least thirty pairs of muscles what to do. This is called a motor program or motor plan.
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Cure Psoriasis

  • Vitamin D is another good combatant against Psoriasis flares. Now, in a previous post I did mention that you should always use sunblock. Sunblock is extremely important when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. However, the different wavelengths of sunlight which include Ultraviolet A and B for SHORT yet frequent exposures to natural sunlight is what is needed to replenish the Vitamin D to fight Psoriasis. So keep your exposure sessions short i.e. 10 minutes at a time to build up good deposits of Vitamin D in your body.
  • One of the most difficult disciplines you must try to learn, is to NOT PICK at the crusted dried skin found on top of the Psoriasis plaques. Once you have adequately softened the affected areas with moisturizing agents as mentioned above, can these crusted areas of skin be removed safely. It is hard for all of us to
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Rid of Stubborn Eczema

Consult your doctor. Skin problems are not only painful but they can also affect our appearance, it is important to see your doctor when you see early symptoms of eczema to properly treat your skin problem. Your doctor may recommend medications to reduce the reactions of your immune system and to control inflammation. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to treat skin infections. While there are over-the-counter medicines for eczema, it is always best to consult your doctor if you want to get rid of stubborn eczema.

Self-care. While there are medications, daily care is very important in dealing with stubborn eczema. Moisturize your skin to avoid skin dryness that may lead to eczema flare up. A warm bath can help keep the skin moisturized. After bath, avoid rubbing your skin with towel or clothes, instead air-dry your skin to avoid skin irritation.

Avoid exposure to allergen. Eczema may get worse

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Evolution Of Agoraphobia

This leaves them trapped at the only place they feel comfortable and secure, which is their own home. Because of the potential of another panic attack occurring outside of their home, they eventually will stop trusting the outside world altogether. This affects all aspects of the life of the anxiety sufferer, who is now a bona fide agoraphobic. The unfortunate part is that the sufferer rarely talks about the fears they are living with, so even the closest people in their lives will be unaware of what is happening even though they may have a hunch that something is wrong.

In my life, being an agoraphobic was much scarier than my social anxiety. I was able to communicate with people at a respectable rate but I was constantly being misunderstood by others. The word would eventually get around to me that people thought I was a snob or that I … Read the rest

Getting Rid of Dry Skin Due to Eczema

The Right Way To Moisturize

The first and foremost obvious advice given to any eczema patients is to put on lotion or creams to trap in the moisture on the skin, so the dry skin will become smooth and filled with wetness.

But most people don’t know how to do this properly.

Many people think all they have to do is squeeze the lotion into their hands and rub it on the affected skin areas, this is wrong

The correct order to moisturize is to first apply lotion to your palms and rub them around so that it is spread evenly across your palms, then you apply it to your affected areas.

The reason why this is the right way is because by spreading the cream evenly first, it will prevent one part of your skin getting all the moisture and the surrounding parts getting very little. As this will

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Stopping Panic Attacks

One way to stop panic attacks would be to learn a few different breathing techniques. When you are able to implement these in your life you will be able to decrease the amount of stress you are feeling. It will be possible to relax your body so that you may be able to stop a panic attack before it ever begins, or at least keep it from getting any worse. Those individuals that have learned different breathing techniques, and started implementing them on a daily basis, have found it to be very helpful. Those that have ever suffered from a panic attack while driving can tell you that this may very well be one of the most frightening things they have ever experienced. It goes without saying that effective breathing techniques can really help someone that is in this type of a situation.

What about being mindful of the day?

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How To Overcome Stuttering

Overcoming Stuttering Is About “Fixing” It

A lot of marketing I’ve seen in our community is based on this promise, so you need to be extra careful with this. Most organizations/individuals communicate the idea of “Come along and we teach you a stuttering technique which you can fix your stuttering with”.

No, no, no. Never ever fall into this trap. It’s the worst mindset you can have if you want to overcome stuttering.

Overcoming stuttering is NOT about fixing it, it is about DISSOLVING it.

Learning Some Physical Stuttering Techniques Is Enough To Overcome Stuttering

This may be true in some very rare cases, but in general any PWS(person who stutters) need a holistic, multi-approach strategy to deal with and overcome stuttering.

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Take Care Of Your Hearing Aids

Use them properly

Just like any other device, how you use the them greatly affects how long they last. The first step to ensuring that it lasts for a long time is ensuring that they are professionally installed. This calls for you to work with a certified and experienced audiologist who will diagnose your condition and help you in installing the right one. The doctor will also give you tips on how to wear the them so that they don’t develop any problem. In case of discomfort, chances are that you aren’t using the aids the way that you should. If you are having trouble with your hearing aid, contact a professional to take a look at them.


Another way of taking good care of it is cleaning them regularly. Hearing aids are prone to ear wax clogging. When they clog they aren’t effective enough. Dirty ones also tend … Read the rest

Shake Off Dandruff

  • Don’t ignore it. Whatever you do, don’t ignore a bad case of dandruff, or fall into a scratch-and-itch cycle. Dandruff won’t go away by itself, and ignoring it invites a build-up of scaling. That can cause itching, which can lead to scratching. Vigorous scratching can wound the scalp and leave it open to infection.
  • Shampoo often. Wash your hair often, even everyday. Generally, the more frequently you shampoo, the easier it is to control dandruff.
  • Start mild. Often a mild, non-medicated shampoo is enough to control the problem. Dandruff is frequently caused by an overly oily scalp. Shampooing daily with a mild brand can control the oil without aggravating your scalp.
  • If you need to fight, then switch. If regular shampoos aren’t doing the job, switch to an anti-dandruff formula. Dandruff shampoos are classified by their active ingredients, which work in different ways. Those with selenium sulphide or zinc pyrithione
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