Stay Motivated During Physical Therapy

Finding the Right Therapist

One of the biggest factors of your success will be your relationship with your physical therapist. While it is important to know they have the proper education, licensing, and qualifications, you should also get a feel for their bedside manner. Will they encourage and motivate you? Do you feel a positive connection with this person? If someone does not seem to be a fit with you, feel free to continue interviewing other physical therapists.

Monitor and Track Your Data

Your first session with a physical therapist will likely include an initial evaluation where they study your condition and take several measurements regarding your strength and mobility with the affected area. Your therapist should explain to you what these measurements detail about your condition, and what your goals should be for each measurement. Ask your therapist to keep you involved with tracking your progress, by giving you a copy of your results after each session. This alone will do wonders for your motivation.

Find a Partner

Typically when you are undergoing therapy, you will meet other people with conditions or therapy programs similar to your own. When this happens, it may be helpful to strike up a conversation and build a relationship with this person. Even if you simply shoot each other an email or text every day to see how things are going and offer motivation, will keep you both accountable to your therapy routine, and keep you inspired to work hard.