What Are the Safest Essential Oils for Dogs?

Holistic healing is a conventional treatment opportunity that got a hike because society said no to drugs. While many of you must have fetched all the benefits of natural remedies, why not extend these benefits to your beloved pups? Think about it.

To begin with, it is imperative to question yourself what essential oils are safe for dogs. These pups are a delicate being and demand utmost care. Also, their sense of smell is way stronger than human beings, which makes it even more difficult to choose just a random essence for them. In fact, most of them can also be allergic to these scents.

Be at ease, we have listed below a number of essential oils that consistently make the cut as safe oils for puppies. We have also mentioned a small administrative guide to help you with its application.


What really in life beats a prime seat on the sofa? It’s a soft blanket and a cup of chamomile tea. Even puppies can experience a similar refreshing and calming effect from chamomile. For instance, while house-sitting an uptight Chihuahua consider offering him or her a little chamomile oil to relieve his restlessness. It can also settle his or her upset tummy and bring a cheer to his senses. Furthermore, for a comparatively shy or fearful pup, this essence can be a means to socialization.


Frankincense tops the list of the world’s safest essential oils for dogs. It aims at the health and immunity cells. Suppose, you take your beloved pup to doggie daycare and he starts acting a little differently. You might consider beefing up his immunity with a little frankincense, which will ultimately help relieve his upset stomach.


Both humans and pets leverage the advantages of essential oils equally. Just like hot ginger tea clears out the respiratory tracts or soothes our stomachs, it keeps the respiratory and digestive health of pets immune. Rivetingly, ginger also relieves their joint pain, which is quite a natural blessing.


Lavender is a great natural alternative for weary pups. You can use it to tame the onslaught of unrest and travel sickness. Just apply it to their ear’s fur. A gentle massage during the application sets things in motion.


If your dog is suffering from some skin irritations, switch to Myrrh. Myrrh has the antiseptic quality and astringent properties. It makes a great cleanser for the patches of irritated skin.


Seasonal allergies are common in dogs. You will notice your little ones sneezing every now and then. But, it might be time to consider what impact these allergies leave on their health. Nevertheless, peppermint can support their respiratory systems and return their clean breath. Besides, it also eases aches and pains in their joints just like ginger oil does. However, make sure you use it only in a diffuser and in a low amount to avoid toxic effects.


There are two common ways of using essential oils, i.e., topically or via a diffuser. Either way, just keep this thing in mind that everything that says “natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You need to do your homework and research on the company before investing in its products. Choose someone like Young Living with reputed and authentic brand value and top-quality and organic oils.

Topical Application

Make sure you don’t apply undiluted essential oil directly to your pet’s skin. That’s where the carrier oils enter. Instead, blend the chosen essential oil with a carrier oil, which is safe and lightly scented, before delivering the solution to your doggy’s skin.


Simply, put one or two droplets of the oil into a water-based diffuser and run the diffuser for 10 minutes. Thereafter, let the air settle for around 30 minutes. Also, make sure you place the diffuser where it can’t be knocked over or lapped up.


Lastly, try changing your doggo’s nutrition before breaking them into the essential oils. Make their lifestyle healthier, so that they are able to fight off any diseases.